Sunday, April 22, 2018

Radio - Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Tonight's show is just a regular punk show with lots of new and old material starting out with new Artificial Dissemination. You can download the show here

ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION - Walt Disney Was A Nazi (Seminal)

PANDEMIX - Second Opinion (Boss Tuneage)
PURA MANIA - Grandes Esperanzas (Cvrecs / Sabotage / Hysteria)
STALIN VIDEO - Human Buildings (No Front Teeth / Crapoulet / P.Trash)
BIRTH DEFORMITIES - You Can't Catch Me (Cowabunga)
DFMK - Ya no quiero ser punk (Self-Released)

THE SOVIETTES – 9th Street (Adeline)
THEE TUMBITAS – Mistery Swamp (El Bisto)
VICE SQUAD – Stand Strong, Stand Proud (Anagram)
45 GRAVE – Black Cross (Restless)

VYPERS – Mr. Girl (Fishburn)
THE ORSON FAMILY – River of Desire (New Rose)
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT – Misbeaten (Interscope)
TURBONEGRO – Ride with Us (Burning Heart)
THE DUCKY BOYS – Break Me (Hellcat)

TOLLWUT – Seuchen (Sef-Released)
GENERACION SUICIDA - La Sangre Corre (Symphony of Destruction / Doomtown)
DEAD HERO – Mtl – Bta (Self-Released)
OI POLLOI – No (Beluga Music)
ARTHUR AND THE SPOONERS - Punk 'n' Oi! (Steeltown / Contra)

TIRED OUT – петля (Self-Released)
LITTLE BOY - Bez Szans (Self-Released)
ULTIMA CLASSE - E melhor se calar
GNAR JAR - Hard Times (Self-Released)
THE SPARTANICS - Save your Streets (Self-Released)

THE DAMNED - Devil in Disguise (Spinefarm / Search and Destroy)
NOCIVOS - La dictadura de la felicidad (Bicho Raro)
BOOM BOOM KID – En el Reino de Estos Animales de Aca (Ugly)
PENNYWISE - American Lies (Epitaph)
Смех - Новый айфон (Soyuz Music)
SATANIC SURFERS - Going Nowhere Fast (Mondo Macabre)
DESARRAIGO – Ceguera (Self-Released)
MG-15 - Campos De Exterminio (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CHRIST AIR – Expose the Lie (Self-Released)
NERVRAK - The Free Market (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new oi band from Montreal called Force Majeure. You can find this demo on bandcamp.

FORCE MAJEURE – Nes pour Un Petit Pain (LSC)
FORCE MAJEURE – Banilieue Grise (LSC)
FORCE MAJEURE – Guerre Civile (LSC)

FASHIONISM - Baby She's Gone (Drunken Sailor)
RASKA COCOS - De Bodega (Raskate Producciones)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Radio - Sunday, April 15th, 2018

It's the middle of April and we got hit with the worst ice storm I have ever lived through. It was like walking with a temper tantrum just to break through the snow and ice just to walk to the studio. So I started out the show with some punk songs about winter and storms. Download the show here

FROSTBACKS – White Out (True North)
NOMEANSNO - Til I Die (Wrong)

CHRON GEN – Puppets of War (Gargoyle)
HAZARDOUS WASTE – Destroy (Schizophrenic)
THE OATH - Shores of Beirut (Youth Attack / Gloom / Coalition)
SCUMRAID - Tsar-Bomba (Iron Lung)
DIRECT ACTION - Angels of Death - Damn-Age (Bitzcore)

SYSTEMIK VIOLENCE - Retarded Metalhead (Raw ‘n Roll Rex)
WITCHTRAIL – Hammer on the Hearse (Beach Impediment)
CHRIST AIR – Cause of Death (Self-Released)
BRAND NEW UNIT – What About You 
PEST CONTROL - Late Night, Red Eyes (Self-Released)
DISSENT - Violent Protest (Faith, Hope and Charity)

TOPSY TURVY'S - All Roads Lead to You (Jerk Off / Ratgirl)
PLAN DE FUGA – Lxs niñxs salvajes 
THE TOY DOLLS - Tommy Kowey's Car (GBH)
FASHIONISM - Nun of That (Dirt Cult)
CAPITALIST KIDS - Anti Immigrant Song - It Takes a Village (Brassneck / Eccentric Pop)
THE VIBRATORS – Dirty Games (Pledge Music / Cleopatra)
SECRET V's – Empty (Friends)

JOY DIVISION - They Walked in Line (RZM Productions)
KRYZYS - święty Szczyt (Zlota Skata)
VIVID NIGHTMARE – Degradation (Dogs and Vultures)
RHYTHM OF CRUELTY - Into the Void (Pseudo Laboratories)
BUNNY AND THE LAKERS - Cops on Parade (Self-Released)
SBSM - Your World (Thrilling Living / Remote Outposts Analog)

THE GLORY STOMPERS – Waste (Disturbance)
CRUCIFIX - How When Where (Corpus Christi)
BARCELONA - Un Último Ultrasonido (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ARMS RACE - 24 Hours (Painkiller / La Vida Es Un Mus)
COMBAT KNIFE – Joker (Warthog Speak)
KOSZMAR - I Na Co? (Self-Released)
VILE SPIRIT - Can't Relate (Quality Control HQ)

KUOLLEET KUKAT – Kuolemanpartio (Rat Poison)
Y.E.S. - Positive Propaganda (Lo-Fi Lo Life)
SCHLONG - Don't Stop (Bun Length)
CONTROL FREAKS – Karma (Slovenly)
AK 47 - Which Side Are You On (Self-Released)
DISSIDENTE - Black Bloc (Self-Released)

Damagers are a local band from Toronto and I came across them from a facebook show invite with a link to their bandcamp page. Their demo is great and we hadn't played them yet on the show so tonight is the night. 

DAMAGERS – Again and Again(Self-Released)
DAMAGERS – Gimme Damage(Self-Released)
DAMAGERS – No Fucking Thanks (Self-Released)
DAMAGERS – Indignation (Self-Released)
DAMAGERS – Parasites (Self-Released)

RASH - Midnight Crooner (IFB / Hawthorne Street)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Radio - Sunday, April 8th, 2018

Here is the playlist from tonight's broadcast. You can download the show here.

FLQ – Jungle (Bad Vibrations)

THE RUN UPS – Living in the City (Get Party!)
KNUCKLEHEAD - B-Anthem (Far Out)
RIXE - Les Cent Pas (La Vida Es Un Mus)
PROXY - Land of Guns (Inflammable Material / Imminent Destruction)
MASTERLESS DOGS – Killing Time (Longshot Music / Contra)

DBOY – Prove Your Love (Self-Released)
CONTROL FREAKS – She Lied (Slovenly)
BEE BEE SEA – This Dog is the King of Losers (Wild Honey)
BIG SCHOOL – Centennial (Self-Released)
DOA – Liar for Hire (Alternative Tentacles / Sudden Death)

ANATOMI-71 - Ondskans Banalitet (Not Enough)
KORSFAST – Skarpt Läge (Not Enough)
DISGRACEFUL - Mental Cases (Favela)
RAW HATE - Kill Your Brain (Rawmantic Disasters / Truemmer Pogo)
ABSOLUT - Wage of Fear (Beach Impediment / Brain Solvent Propaganda)

NOMOS 751 – The Cop of the Month (Slovenly)
THE PAPER TULIPS – Car Burn (Flipside)
ARTERY – Pretends (Limited Edition)
THE BUZZCOCKS – Harmony in my Head (EMI)
METROS – In with the Crowd (Friends)

TARANTULA – Oozing Skull (Deranged)
SEX DWARF – Bara Mörker (Vox Populi)
CONDITION 21 – Teen Rebellion As Sponsered By The Kids Ltd.
UNRULED – Clear the Pigs Out (Schizophrenic)

POWERBOMB – Have a Nice Day (Self-Released)
STRETCH MARKS – Turnbuckle Stomp (Sounds Escaping)
THE CRAMPS – The Crusher (I.R.S.)
THE 222’s – She Wants Revenge (Rave Up)
LOWLIFE – Thinking Naturally (Aircut / Hozac)

FETISH – Take the Knife (Beach Impediment)
GUILTY FACES - Scum (Room 101)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Deny Everything (Six Feet Under / Vicious Circle)
MENTAL RESCUE - Cold Day in Hell When I Surrender (Capitalcide Tapes)
MUJERES PODRIDAS - Misterio Planeta (Self-Released)

PRIMITIVE LIFE – Man Made Disaster (Inge's Revenge / Refuse / Backbite)
BARGE - Stabbed iin the Back (Six Feet Under / Vicious Circle)
WALL BREAKER - Damaged Mind (Refuse)
LOUISXARMSTRONG - Els garrins (Self-Released)
SIX BREW BANTHA – They Talk, We Die (To Live A Lie)

BLAMING YOU - All Wound Up (Self-Released)

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Radio - Sunday, April 1st, 2018

Here is April 1st`s show. No April Fools jokes, I promise. Download the show here.

GOOD CLEAN FUN - Anthem of Positivity (Equal Vision)
GOOD CLEAN FUN - You Gotta Stay Positive (Equai Vision)

THE DEAD MILKMEN - Violent School (Enigma / Restless)
PINK LINCOLNS – Family Tree (Not for Profit)
BIG PUPPY - Sad Boixs (Self-Released)
KLAZO - Give Me Eyes (It’s Trash)

BEYOND PEACE – Burn It Down (Self-Released)
LANGUID – Final Dark Age (D-Takt ja Rapunk / Languid)
FUCK IT .... I QUIT – In The Shadow of Extinction (Refuse)
ANTIMOB - Με το κεφάλι κάτω (Εξωτικός Παροξυσμός)
WARCHILD – Children of the Atom Bomb (Black Water)

AUTONOMADS - Foot in Mouth (Ruin Nation / Mass Productions / Pumpkin)
VIOLENT PACIFISTS - D-Town Stomp (Everyday Madness Everyday)
ABSURDO – El infierno del alcohol (Discus Absurds)
NEGAZIONE - Tutti Pazzi (No Plan)
PLAN DE FUGA – Memoria (Self-Released)

POBREZA MENTAL – Falsa Vida (Oscuridad En Mi Vida)
PEST CONTROL – Under Wraps (Self-Released)
BARBED WIRE - The Thunderhead (Self-Released)
INSTINTO - Bienvenido al infierno (Self-Released)
CERVIX – Life Fucker (Video Disease)

NIGHT PEOPLE - Under the Sign of Christ (Deranged)
FRAGMENT – Death Machine (Self-Released)
FUERZA BRUTE – Un Tres Un Dos (Foreign Legion)
BARBED WIRE BRACES - Imminent Attack (Self-Released)
GOOLAGOON – The Bully (Dead Heroes)

VIDA - Failing Core Subjects (Self-Released)
COLD MEAT – High Maintenance (Lost in Fog)
DISSIDENTE – Colossus (Riot Ready)
JUSTIFY ALL MEANS - Leaders of Today (Riot Ready)
WeRTHLESS - Cream Cheese (Riot Ready)

BLEEDERS - Your Home Your Hands (Self-Released)
C.H.E.W.  - Poor Odds (Neck Chop)
LEBENDEN TOTEN - There Is Nothing In This Place (Iron Lung)
RED DELICIOUS - Palhaço (Not Normal Tapes)
DEHIDRATALT FEJEK – Barataim (Self-Released)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - 70’S Street Munchies (Self-Released)

Top 10 – March 2018
10. LION’S SHARE – Mental Break (Warthog Speak)
9. BUNDOLO - Samaa Paskaa (Self-Released)
8. TARANTULA – The Computer that Ate My Brain (Deranged)
7. OWNER – Lied (Nervous Energy)
6. CEMENT SHOES - TV Now (Self-Released)
5. SUNSHINE WARD - Retaliate (Bloody Master / Overplan / Exit Music)
4. HEAT – End it (Deranged)
3. XRDM – Avoidance (Self-Released)
2. IMPULSO - Nessun Impulso (Erst There Tontraeger)
1. SHITTY LIFE  – Cop (Euro Trash)

TOURIST are from Toronto and have two recordings together. This is their latest called "New Designs" and it features covers of Ceremony and Mind Eraser.

TOURIST – Big Lou (Self-Released)
TOURIST – New Home (Self-Released)
TOURIST – The Big Takeback (Self-Released)
TOURIST – New Designs for Motel Living (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Prairie Dawg (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Dead in the Canyon (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Life of Demands (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Darker Hue (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Every Corner a Liquor Store (Self-Released)
TOURIST – Subtle Entities (Self-Released)

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Radio - Sunday March 25th, 2018

Here is last night's playlist. You can download the show here.

POWERBOMB - Sycho Sid (Self-Released)

THE COWBOYS – Sittin’ Pretty (Feel It)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS – Balaclave Lover Boogie (Self-Released)
DANKO JONES – Samuel Sin (Sonic Unyon)
NEO NEOS – Tanya the Evil (Another Label)
I.S.S. - My Miata (Sorry State)

ANIMAL CRIMES - V.O.T.D. (Self-Released)
SUDDEN IMPACT - To Our Glorious Dead (Diabolic Force)
DRI – Slit My Wrist (Death / Enigma)
MICRO EDGE - Attitudes, Feelings and Ideas (Self-Released)

TRUTH ASSASSIN - No Deal (Self-Released)
ARMS RACE – Zealot (La Vida Es Un Mus)
VILE GASH - Obedient (Youth Attack)
DROPDEAD - At the Cost of an Animal (Crust / Armageddon)
WORLD PEACE - Ascending the Bridge with Resolute Intent (Self-Released)
CANDY - Burning Towers (Self-Released)
ULTRARAT - Avanie (War Cloud Lathe Cuts)

HAIBOKU – Vegan Lunch (Estaria Chido Poder Volar / Rock SVB Discos / Cintas Robachicos)
G.I.S.M. – Anthem (Dogma)
AMENAZAS - Parque Nacional (Byllepest Distro)
SYSTEMIK VIOLENCE - Destroy the Future (Raw 'n Roll Rex)
THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Haymaker vs. Manowar (SuperFi)

THE ORDER OF FLAGELLANTS – Stomp Out (Peer Pressure Productions)
CHROME SKULLS – Crushed (Self-Released
WALL BREAKER – Go Start Your Own Band (Self-Released
BIG BOSS - Two-Faced (Self-Released)
HEAT – In a Mine (Deranged

BEE-B-B – Undercover Sexist (Verdicard)
RUNT – DWP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
DIRTY AND HIS FISTS - Whistleblower (Feel It)
BOOJI BOYS - Locked Up in the City (Drunken Sailor)
OBEDIENCIA - Tabula Rasa (La Vida Es Un Mus)
MEAT WHEAT – I Hate Keyboard Punk (Verdicard)
JOE BIDEN – Downfall (Self-Released)

RIXE - La Clé (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SLOW FACTION - The Definition of Madness (Self-Released)
BARBED WIRE BRACES - Urban Violence (Self-Released)
FLQ - Tied Up (Bad Vibrations)

Bands from Chicago
FUERZA BRUTA – Cerdos Fascistas (Foreign Legion)
LOS CRUDOS – Asesinos (Lengua Armada)
CULO - Wasted on Wine (Deranged)
GAS RAG – Hebron (Beach Impediment)
PILLAGE - Their World (Self-Released)

POLLUTED BRAIN - Nothing to Hide (Self-Released)
SHITNECK – Waiting for Death (Self-Released)
DIRECT ACTION - Angels of Death (Bitzcore)
DISCHARGE - Dooms Day (Clay)
OBSTRUCTION - Detached Resolve (Pissed Off)

THE ODELEGGERS - Rett til å slå (Lukket Avdeling / Svindel / Byllepest Distro / Ute Av Balanse Plater)
PIFFBREAK ARCADE – 27 Club (Self-Released)
REY EN RUINAS – Elefantes (Self-Released)
THE WRETCHED SIGHTS - Dhaka Deathcamp (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo features is Antibodies from Charlottetown, Prince Edward island (PEI). There isn't many bands from PEI so when we find out about one we like to feature them on the show. You can find their demo on bandcamp.

ANTIBODIES –Jock Violence (Self-Released)
ANTIBODIES – C.R.E.A.M.M. (Self-Released)
ANTIBODIES – F.I.L.R. (Self-Released)
ANTIBODIES – Failed Attempt (Self-Released)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Radio - Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Tonight's show can be downloaded here.

REPTILOIDS - Сладкий Делирий Любовного Голода (Self-Released)

A set of re-issues or old recordings that came to our attention recently.

ZOWISO - Cold War System (Atoomatje)
CRISIS - UK '78 (La Vida Es Un Mus)
STETZ - East Coast Slamming (Self-Released)
ABORTTI 13 – Veteraani (Colditz)
DEAD PIDGEONS - I Despise Exercise (Peer Pressure Productions)
NEGAZIONE – Niente (No Plan)
THE LANDLORDS - In Which the Scene Stole My Walkman (Feel It)

We recorded JockStrap in CIUT's hallway in what we call a Studio 3 session. You can read more about it on our blog. Here is that session and interview all put together.

JOCKSTRAP – Guilt Parade (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Worthless Life (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)
JOCKSTRAP – Interview (CIUT)

BRAIN ITCH – Poverty Coast (Self-Released
GELD - Scando Ripper (Iron Lung
SYSTEMIK VIOLENCE – Anarquia-Violência (Self-Released)
PHYSIQUE - Price of Progress (Iron Lung
SCUMRAID – Loveless (Iron Lung

FLQ – Repent (Bad Vibratrions)
HEAT – The Beast (Deranged
VIOLENCIA – Hartos (Self-Released)
MASTERLESS DOGS - 4 Walls (Longshot / Contra
OBEDIENCIA – Pupilas (La Vida Es Un Mus
LASSIE – Chucklehead (Self-Released)

SHITTY LIFE – Faith (Euro Trash)
RIXE – Nuit Rasoir (La Vida Es Un Mus)
86 CREW – Sur Le Pick Up (Une Vie Pour Rien)
ZODD - Nuclear Nightmare (Self-Released)
CRAWLER – Die (Self-Released
PROVOKE – Indifference (Self-Released

Russia had an election today so we are featuring a band from Moscow in our demo feature. You can download this demo from bandcamp

FURTHER CHARGES – Get Out of My Way (And Die) (Self-Released)
FURTHER CHARGES – Anti-Them (Self-Released)
FURTHER CHARGES – Decay Before a Death (Self-Released)
FURTHER CHARGES – Voices in my Head (Self-Released)